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Beak & Feather virus breakthrough

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 13th Oct 2016

Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease (PBFD) is a virus threatening the survival of rare Australian parrot species, including the western ground and orange-bellied parrots. These species have fewer th … read more

Cockatiel – Profile & Care Guide

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 5th Oct 2016

Common name: Cockatiel Latin name: Nymphicus hollandicus Length: 29-33 cm (11-12.9 in) Weight: 80-100g (2.8-3.5 oz) Life Span: 15 to 20 years Origin: Australia Noise Level: Moderate. Males usual … read more

CITES upgrades African Grey Parrots to Appendix I

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 4th Oct 2016

African Grey Parrots’ status was upgraded to “Appendix I”. In a meeting held in Johannesburg in September 2016, the U.N.s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CIT … read more