About Us

If you’re reading this, you probably own a parrot and share our Love for these feathered companions, or you’re considering making room for one in your life. As parrot owners ourselves, here at Parrot Essentials we have expert knowledge from our matured experience in understanding all the needs of your parrot, equipped with the facilities, information, and time to provide the necessary care your parrot deserves for a happy life. We’re regarded as a top-quality, trustworthy, and caring supplier for your parrots needs, who make an effort to go above and beyond to make our personalized services for parrot owners and their pets fast, convenient, and comfortable.

Since our beginnings in 2010 we’ve made expert advice available to our customers, in addition to a variety of quality products at your disposal for optimal parrot care that is guaranteed to leave you and your parrot chirping happily. While we only operate online, our products comprise of an assortment of foods, treats, toys, sturdy cages, healthcare supplies, and accessories at incredible prices, which are constantly updated. The reliability of our products and services can be confirmed by how entertained and satisfied our own flock is, so your bird is sure to enjoy them.

What distinguishes us from alternative parrot care services, is not only our variety in product or service, but also our Love and knowledge for Birds, as well as the years of experience we have in making sure our clients parrots live the happiest life in captivity. Our passion for the parrot kingdom is what motivates us to provide the ideal utopia for parrots across the UK to thrive, by offering a complete package that guarantee’s quality parrot, entertainment, happiness, and health.