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Shop Parrot Supplies in the UK from all the major brands.

Parrot Essentials carefully selects only the highest-quality suppliers so your pet parrot gets nothing but the best.

Shopping Parrot Supplies online in the UK is a breeze at Parrot Essentials.

What’s on your parrot shopping list today? The Parrot Essentials online store is your one-stop-shop for everything a bird needs. Find the best parrot foods, toys, cages, supplements and much more easily online. Get Fast and FREE Delivery on orders over £39 in the UK, as well a 30-day money-back guarantee. Standard Delivery is only £3.99 (T&Cs apply).

Because we know you want nothing but the best for your pet parrot, we carry only the best brands specialising in parrot supplies. Among others, you can find your favourite products by:

  • Harrison’s: Certified organic complete parrot pellets created with avian veterinarians and nutritionists. Find base diets and parrot treats.
  • Kaytee: Leading producer of foods for pet parrots and wild birds. Shop diets for adult parrots and premium hand-feeding formulas for baby birds.
  • Tidymix: Human-grade ingredients that parrots love. Natural fruit and vegetable treats, superior seed blends, nutritious soaking mixes and much more.
  • Lazy Bones: Sturdy parrot cages for a happy bird! Whether you need a big or small cage, open-top or closed, with or without a stand – you’ll find it here.
  • Versele Laga: This Belgian brand offers a broad range of parrot foods, including quality seed blends, egg food and complete pellet diets.
  • Zupreem: A leading producer of pelleted parrot diets, ZuPreem offers the perfect complete food for every type of pet parrot.

Don’t also forget to check out our affordable Parrot Essentials brand, a collection of high-quality products selected and curated by us. The Parrot Essentials range contains interactive toys, nutritious foods and a variety of fun gift options for the parrot owner in your life.

Shopping from outside of the UK? No worries, we also ship to Europe. Have a look at our Delivery Information page to find out everything you need to know. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page to be the first to find out whenever we add new brands and products.