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Welcome to what is undisputedly the UK’s best online Parrot Shop, offering you the widest range of Parrot Foods, Treats, Parrot Toys, Cages, Accessories and Supplements available.

Whatever type of Parrot that you have, you will find Everything for your Parrot right here. Shop by Parrot Species (Bird Type) and easily find product suitable and recommended for your pet parrot.

No two Parrot Shops are the same! We assure fast free delivery on every order when you spend £39, and a 90 day money back guarantee on anything you buy.

Everything listed on our site is in stock in our modern warehouse, and we will always dispatch your shipment to you within a few hours of your order being placed. We do attempt to trial as many of the toys and foods as possible on our own resident African Greys and Jardines parrot so that you can rest assured that your own bird will also like the selection of toys, foods and treats that we offer.

Parrot Cages

Parrot Essentials has a large collection of Top Quality Parrot Cages from major brands, like Rainforest, Liberta, Lazy Bones & Kookaburra Cages. Our range of cages features Open Top, Solid Top or Playtop Parrot Cages and they are suitalbe for all parrot species. We also have a selection of Travel Cages and Bird Carries, ideal for a day out or trip to the Vet. Our travel cages are lightweight and foldable for easy storage.

Parrot Food

Find your parrot food here. We always stock an extremely wide selection of Parrot Food from all of the leading manufacturers including Kaytee, Lafeber, ZuPreem, Harrisons, Tidymix, Pretty Bird and lots more. We also stock Complete Parrot Foods and Pellets, plus a varied range of Healthy Parrot Seed Mixes, delicious and nutritious Parrot Treats.
We are always on hand to offer free impartial nutritional advice.

Parrot Toys

We do stock the largest ever-changing range of Parrot Toys available. You will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to Parrot Toys, and especially Foraging Toys for Parrots. Choose your Toys by Parrot type to make it easier for you. We have split our range of Parrot Toys into groups such as Foot Toys, Shredding & Preening Toys, Toy-Making Parts and Swings & Climbing Toys.

Last but not least, whatever Parrot Toys, Treats or Foods you buy at Parrot Essentials, you are guaranteed High Quality Products & Fantastic Service. You can read independently verified customers reviews at our dedicate page

Still have a Question? Give us a call and a member of our team will do their best to assist you. Tel: 0800 327 7511

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