Tropical Woven Pot Preen & Forage Parrot Toy


Tropical Woven Pot Preen & Forage Parrot Toy

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About this Product

Jungle Fun in a Natural Pot!

Looking for a fun toy to keep your bird entertained? Check out the Tropical Woven Pot Preen & Forage Parrot Toy! This parrot toy is perfect for your bird to play with and explore. It's designed to provide a variety of textures and shapes that your bird will love. Add a touch of the wild to your bird's habitat and keep them happy and engaged with this fantastic toy!

  • Natural Paradise: Made with bamboo, Ananas comosus nut, and corn leaf for a truly tropical experience.
  • Foraging Fun: Encourages natural foraging behaviours, keeping your bird mentally stimulated.
  • Preening Perfect: Provides a variety of textures to help maintain feather condition.
  • Durable Design: Strong materials and a secure metal hook for long-lasting enjoyment.

The Bird toy is made of bamboo and is filled with a variety of natural surprises that will engage your parrot's curiosity. Your parrot will enjoy exploring the toy and finding the different materials inside, like the Ananas comosus nut and corn leaves that make a satisfying crackle sound. This playful activity promotes foraging behaviour, which is essential for their mental and physical well-being.

The toy's different textures also support your parrot's preening activity, helping them maintain their plumage so they look and feel their best. The toy's paper and rope elements provide familiar comfort and mimic the diversity of a bird's natural environment. Using this toy will keep your parrot entertained and mentally stimulated, helping them stay sharp and engaged.

Durability is key in any foraging Parrot toy, and the Tropical Woven Pot is built to last. The robust construction withstands repeated interactions, while the secure metal hook ensures the toy remains in place, no matter how enthusiastic the play session gets. This means more fun over time and less worry for you.

By choosing the Tropical Woven Pot Preen & Forage Parrot Toy, you are doing more than just purchasing a toy for your bird. You are enhancing your bird's daily life by providing them with stimulation, comfort, and the excitement of the jungle experience. You will love to watch as your parrot transforms into a foraging explorer, a preening beauty, and, most importantly, a happy companion.


  • Total Length 21-25cm (8.3-9.8")
  • Width 10-11cm (3.9-4.3")


  • Bamboo, Ananas Comosus Nut, Rope, Bamboo, Paper, Corn Leaf, Meta.


Suitable For

  • African Grey
  • Amazon
  • Caique
  • Cockatoo
  • Conure - Large
  • Conure - Small
  • Eclectus
  • Macaw - Small
  • Meyers and Senegals
  • Please note - the above information should be used for guidance only - you know your bird best!

    Some birds may need introduction to interacting with toys.

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