Best African Grey Parrot Toys For Sale Online

12th Nov 2013

Its almost a new year and at Parrot Essentials we take pride in providing w4 Way Forageronderfully effective toys for our Parrots. This week we are focusing on African Grey Parrots and which toys are best for you and yours. We Love to encourage Foraging & Puzzle Toys for any of our shoppers. Foraging Toys are great to build the mental strength of your African Grey Parrot while giving him or her something fun to strengthen their muscles! One premier toy that our Parrots truly enjoy is our 4 Way Forager. This toy is a spinning carousel of four plastic treat cups. Fill one or more with treats or favourite materials to offer superb mental stimulation.

You also can check our various other toys in our Parrot Toys section. If you have further questions just Contact Us today!