Zoo-Max Parrot Stands

Posted by Anguel Iordanov on 28th Apr 2014

Jasper testing the Zoo Max Parrot stant

Zoo Max Parrot Stands

Treat your parrot to a Zoo-Max parrot stand. They are great and your parrot(s) will love it. 

Today we have decided to treat our birds to a new stand as we wanted to introduce variety of places to play, feed and sleep. just for variety and after the two Java Trees Parrot Stands and a Turret Parrot Playstand and for us the next obvious choice was the Zoo Max Large Parrot Stand

It took no more than two minutes for us to assemble the stand and we were surprise how lightweight it is, yet steady. The stand comes with two feeding and water bowl plus a place to hook a toy or two. The materials used appear to be very strong and I am sure it will last for years. It took only a few minutes before our Greys decided to inspect the stand and give it a seal of approval. 

This stand is suitable for any medium to large parrots and birds, such as African Grey, Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos, etc.

The Zoo-Max stands also come in a small, medium and table top version.