Last Chance for Free Access to a Webinar on Training Parrots!

Posted by Parrot Essentials on 4th Nov 2015

Many people have had a chance to enjoy this free webinar and to put the information to good use! However, Barbara will be taking the free link down soon, so be sure to take advantage of this awesome information within the next 7 days.

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • How to train your parrot to accept oral medications, be comfortable wrapped in a towel, and participate in preventative care.
  • Discover techniques to introduce new objects (such as medical instruments) without creating fear responses.
  • Which behaviours to prioritize to reduce stress for health care of your bird and how to gain cooperation from your parrot while at the veterinary hospital.

Webinar on Training Parrots

The webinar was recorded on August 8, 2015.

The duration is 1 hour and 52 minutes.

It is available FREE of charge till end of this week!

Here is the link to the webinar by Barbara Heidenreich:

If you have any problems viewing the recording or getting the link to work, try pasting the link in another browser (such as Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge for Windows users). If you are on an iPad or iPhone, use the free app Puffin orPhoton as your browser.

Credits: GoodBird

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