We Are a Company in The UK That Carries Nutritionally Complete Parrot Food

10th Dec 2013

So, you decided to buy a parrot, now you need a little advice on how to properly care for it. Well, we hope you at least have a cage for it as it’s unsafe to even drive around with your parrot free roaming in your car. Here are a few parrot raising tips for the novice parrot parent.

One of the first things you will need to do is get lining material, like newspaper, for the cage as birds to tend to poop often. You will also want to make sure your parrot is properly banded. All parrots should have a band around the foot with information regarding their history.

You should ease your parrot into its new environment with care. Give your parrot a few days to settle in before you bring friends and family over to gawk at it. And if you have small children, make sure to supervise their interactions with the parrot very carefully. Parrots are prey animals that will respond with fight or flight when afraid.

There are acceptable foods you can feed your parrot that include fruits and vegetables, but please don’t feed your parrot pizza. It is wise to include a parrot food complete with premium organic ingredients. We provide nutritionally complete food for parrots, as well as other birds, for residents of the UK. Check out our website today.