At Parrot Essentials we offer high quality organic parrot food.

Posted by Anguel Iordanov on 21st Nov 2013

Here at Parrot Essentials, located in the UK, we promise great service and quality products or you can expect a full refund. We buy in bulk to ensure low prices on all our merchandise. We offer a wide range of products, so you will no doubt find just what you are looking for. Most of the time your order will be shipped the same day as your order, so you don’t have to wait around to receive your purchase. Here are some great examples of what we can offer you.

Harrison’s High Potency Super Fine Organic Bird Food is specially made for small to medium parrots that are moulting, underweight or breeding. Birds are sensitive to artificial pesticides and fertilizers so Harrison’s Foods developed the first 100 percent organic parrot food. This high potency food is has increased nutritional value for birds that are moulting or in ill health.

This lovely Rainforest Ara two-parrot cage has a top that opens as well as a front opening landing platform. This wonderfully designed cage is suitable for a number of bird species including African Greys, Amazons and Cockatoos.

For a limited time we are offering a free 2014 parrot calendar with every order. The calendar, Parrots and Their Toys, is our gift to you as we wish you everything of the best for the new year.