Harrison's Bird Bread Organic Food & Treats for Parrots and Birds sold by Parrot Essentials now

8th Jan 2014

Since the beginning of 2013 Parrot Essentials expanded their range of organic parrot and bird food and treats by adding the Harrison's range of products. The Harrison's products have been on the bird market since the mid 80s and until recently was the only totally organic parrot food. In April 2013 Parrot Essentials added one new product to the Harrison’s range, Harrison’s Bird Bread Mixes. This product comes in three different flavours, is easy to prepare and is suitable for all birds and parrots. The three flavours are:

The Harrison’s bird bread takes minutes to prepare and is a healthy and nutritious treat for parrots and birds, especially if you give treats on a regular basis.

The Harrison’s Bread Mix can also be used as a table food for those birds who like to share a meal with their owners or as a way of introducing parrots to formulated diets.

It can also be used to deliver medicine or simply as a foraging food/treat.